Sizing and Care

Taking Care of Your Pearls: How to Keep your Pearls Looking Bright and Brilliant

Quality pearls are an investment. With the proper care you can keep your pearls looking glossy and polished for many years!

Pearls best friend is moisture. A great way to preserve your pearls is to wear them and do it often! The natural oils that your skin secretes is absorbed by the pearls and is beneficial in protecting them. Wear your pearls with confidence knowing that you are nurturing them with your natural warmth and moisture.

You should store your pearls away from any objects that are coarse or can scratch their surface. Instead, wrap your pearls in soft fabrics like linen, silk or velvet or place in a protective pouch.

Remember to not place your pearls in any sort of airtight packaging or plastic since these materials do not allow the pearls to receive their much needed moisture. If pearls are placed in an environment that is too dry, they are susceptible to cracking. If you do place your pearls in a safety deposit box or environment that is too hot, make sure to leave a damp cloth in the enclosed space with your pearls. Try to avoid leaving your pearls in dry and hot places for too long.

Make sure that your pearls are not exposed to ammonia, chlorine bleach, hairspray, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, perfume or similar chemicals that can damage your them.

If applying makeup, perfume or hairspray, do so before putting your pearls on. Chemical substances can harm your pearls by dissolving the pearl’s nacre (a.k.a mother of pearl).

Make sure to remove your pearls before engaging in any physical activity that can cause excessive perspiration such as exercising.

Your pearls should not be submerged in water. So do not shower, wash dishes or swim while wearing your pearls. Chlorine in swimming pools will cause the silk that your pearls are strung on to wear out and tear. Chlorine also eats away at the epoxy that attaches the pearls to their mountings.

It is important to have your pearls restrung every year if worn weekly or every two to three years if worn occasionally. To avoid wear of the pearl nacre, have each pearl knotted separately with silk (preferably) so the pearls do not rub together.

To avoid straining the silk that your pearls are stringed on, do not hang your pearls on a hook.

When you are putting your pearls away, make sure to wipe them gently with a soft cloth to remove any excess oil and dirt that has accumulated.

Lastly, a good rule of thumb is that your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before you walk out the door and the first thing you take off when you get home.