Our Story

The Freshwater Pearl Company

Sharing Love and Light through Freshwater Pearls

Hi, I’m Brian Schultz, founder and CEO of The Freshwater Pearl Company. The Freshwater Pearl Company was created as a symbol of love. A way of honoring the people I hold dear by sharing their joy and generosity with the world through our freshwater pearl jewelry.

Our story starts with my mom, Laurene (Coppola) Schultz. She lived her life as a radiant force of nature for 72 love-filled years (her birthday is February 7th), lighting up every room she entered with a rare combination of laughter and fierce determination for the cause of the day—even when that cause was as simple as enjoying the company of her beloved friends and family.

A journey of hope.

In 2001, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, marking the first wave of a valiant battle she fought with grace and grit. In 2016, the cancer returned, ultimately spreading to her lymph system, her bones and finally her brain, ending her life journey on February 10, 2020. For every day my mom lived with this disease, she carried her love and determination—not only for herself and her family, but also for everyone living with, and loving someone with, breast cancer.

As a caring ally of the breast cancer community, my mom volunteered with Reach to Recovery, was a proud member of Circle of Friends at her local hospital and was actively involved with the American Cancer Society. Every year, she took part in the American Cancer Society’s Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, achieving "Pacesetter" status and surpassing her raise goal in the race for a cure.

The Freshwater Pearl Company

Why Pearls?

Because my mom loved them. And they capture her radiant spirit so beautifully. The baroque, freshwater pearls we offer are uniquely shaped and luminescent—a natural reflection of the unique beauty in all of us.

Launching The Freshwater Pearl Company is also a way to keep my mother’s advocacy alive. Each year, my mom wrote a letter to request crucial funding support for breast cancer research through her annual walk. In one of her letters, she shared this anonymous quote, which sums up her outlook, and our mission, beautifully:

"When life gives you 100 reasons to cry, show life 1,000 reasons to smile."

In her spirit of engaging others to help fund the cause closest to my mom’s heart, The Freshwater Pearl Company will give 2% of ALL sales to cancer research—every pearl, every day, every year. Our most precious pearl is the gift of research, awareness and support in the hopes of giving the ultimate gift of more time, and more life.

We all need more love and light in our lives, to nurture and share. We hope our Freshwater Pearl Company designs become such symbols for you and your loved ones and that our freshwater pearls help define your own unique story.

Brian Schultz
Founder and CEO