Wedding Season: The Perfect Jewelry for Bride and Guests

Bells will be ringing as wedding season is upon us. Whether you are the bride-to-be (congratulations by the way), the Mother of the Bride, a Bridesmaid, or an honorable guest, these jewelry pieces are the perfect addition to your wedding attire. 

Throughout history, pearls have always been part of the big day. According to Pearlwise, the Greeks believed pearls were connected to passion, love and marriage, believing that they would strengthen marital bonds, prevent brides from shedding tears and enhance relationships. 

The tradition has stayed, which is why you often spot pearls being worn by women at weddings, especially the bride. Here at The Freshwater Pearl Company, we are all about keeping traditions alive. That’s why we created our bridal combo sets.

Besides holding the symbolic meaning of purity and innocence, pearls have also come to represent the beginning of a beautiful vow. On wedding day, pearls warm the heart, a timeless representation of love, allowing brides to radiate their beauty, just as pearls radiate theirs.

pearl jewelry for weddings

Delicate Companions Bridal Package

With our Delicate Companions package, you can achieve a look that is both refined and romantic. The Jeannie necklace, Leilani earrings, and Panama bracelet feature delicate designs that perfectly complement each other, creating a truly breathtaking ensemble.

pearl jewelry for weddings

Timeless Elegance Bridal Package

Make a statement with our Timeless Elegance package featuring the Melissa necklace and Hydra earrings. The intricate details of the necklace and the subtle shimmer of the earrings create an unforgettable bridal look.

pearl jewelry for weddings

Divine Pearls Bridal Package

Our Divine Pearls package is the perfect choice for the bride who wants to feel like a true goddess on her wedding day. The Jeannie necklace, Euphrates bracelet, and Alley earrings feature stunning pearls that will make you shine.

pearl jewelry for weddings

Elegant Endearment Bridal Package

The Elegant Endearment package offers a touch of refined beauty for the modern bride. With the Jennifer necklace, Morava bracelet, and Hydra earrings, you’ll achieve a look that is both sophisticated and contemporary.

pearl jewelry for weddings

Luxe Pearl Love Bridal Package

Indulge in the luxurious beauty of our Luxe Pearl Love package. With the Melissa necklace, Como bracelet, and Hydra earrings, you’ll achieve a bridal look that is both breathtaking and refined.

pearl jewelry for weddings

Pearl Perfection Bridal Package

Radiate beauty and grace with our Pearl Perfection package. The Susan necklace, Rio bracelet, and Amara earrings all feature lustrous pearls that will bring a touch of refinement to your bridal style. Three Susan necklaces are shown in the picture.

pearl jewelry for weddings

Opulent Love Bridal Package

Our Opulent Love package is perfect for the bride who wants to stand out. The Tania necklace, Morava bracelet, and Delfino earrings all feature breathtaking details that will leave a lasting impression.

Jewelry for Wedding Guests and Bridesmaids

Kelly - Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

With the perfect balance of elegance and simplicity, this pearl fan favorite, featuring a single freshwater pearl on a sterling silver chain necklace, is just what you've been searching for. The Kelly necklace is approximately 16" and 18" long.

Europa - Medium Freshwater Pearl Huggie Earrings

These shiny earrings will surely make you stand out, whether you’re casually styled or dressed up. Europa’s high quality adds a bit of purity and elegance to your look. With 12 combinations, get a set for yourself and another as the perfect gift.

Elara - Large Freshwater Pearl Nickel-Free Stud Earrings

Sparkling pearls are a classic style that never goes out of fashion. Sized at 12–14mm for extra drama, Elara is the perfect pair to add light and glimmer to your collection or complete an outfit. Nickel-free posts make these earrings an ideal choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Apryl - Crystal and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Apryl radiates with freshwater pearls and sparkling crystals in silver on an oxidized chain, and white or dark grey on complementary crochet. Pair two or more necklaces for a dramatic statement.

Each piece of jewelry created by The Freshwater Pearl Company features genuine freshwater cultured pearls. Our collections are proudly designed in Palm Springs and distributed in the U.S. from our San Diego studio for a touch of California coastal style.