Our Favorite Dainty Jewelry Featuring Freshwater Pearls

Our Favorite Dainty Jewelry Featuring Freshwater Pearls

You’re likely familiar with the saying that “less is more”. While we do love a statement piece, we have an equal place in our heart for dainty little things. In this guide, we’re sharing our favorite dainty jewelry pieces featuring freshwater pearls. 

What makes these pieces so great is their versatility. You can wear as is for a true minimal look, or layer it like a fashionista for a bolder look. 

Dainty Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

Kelly - Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

With the perfect balance of elegance and simplicity, this pearl fan favorite, featuring a single freshwater pearl on a sterling silver chain necklace, is just what you've been searching for. The Kelly necklace is approximately 16" and 18" long.

Brigett - Gold-Tone Petite Paperclip Freshwater Pearl Necklace

The Brigett necklace is a short gold-tone chain with alternating pearls. Petite in size all around for someone who prefers a more subtle chain necklace. Pairs well with the Thames bracelet.

Jeannie - Gold-Tone Petite Chain Freshwater Pearl Keshi Necklace

The Jeannie is proof that less can most certainly be more. This necklace has a single keshi pearl strung on a thin gold-tone chain. Can be added with any necklace layer or worn solo with any favorite top.

Ellen - Petite Freshwater Pearl Necklace

A special necklace named by someone in our community. We asked our community to nominate a special woman in their life for a chance to have a necklace named after that nominee. The Ellen necklace is strung with all petite white freshwater pearls.  The length is about 15.5" and comes with a 1.5" extender. 

Mia - Gold-Tone Bead and Petite Freshwater Pearl Necklace

The Mia is a trendy necklace with alternating gold-tone beads and petite freshwater pearls. This necklace pairs nicely with either or both the Flores Bracelet and the Heart Charm bracelet.

Brittany - Gold-Tone Bead and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Brittany's gold-tone beads showcase a single pearl that sits at a fashionably short length. The necklace can be worn alone or stacked with our Liz or Mia necklaces, or any of your other favorite necklaces.

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Dainty Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Camelia - Gold-Tone Petite Paperclip Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings

The Camelia dangle earrings are hung with a petite paperclip chain in gold-tone color met with a single, round freshwater pearl at the end. 

Anini - Gold-Tone Freshwater Pearl Keshi Dangle Earrings

Utterly feminine and so fun to wear, Anini makes a beloved gift for someone special or an excellent addition to your jewelry collection. Featuring Keshi pearls (Japanese for “poppy seed”), these beautifully crafted earrings are the epitome of sophistication.

Leilani - Gold-Tone Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings

Our Leilani elegant freshwater pearl dangle earrings are fashioned for special occasions that call for just the right touch.  

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Dainty Freshwater Pearl Bracelets

Flores - Gold-Tone Bead and Freshwater Pearl Stretch Bracelet

You'll love our gold-tone bead versatile stretch bracelet. Flores trendy gold-tone beads and freshwater pearls make for an elegant and clean look to complement your sophisticated style. Wear it solo or stack with the Banda, Bali or Sabine bracelets to create a personalized twist.

Andaman - Hematite and Freshwater Pearl Stretch Bracelet

The Andaman is a stretch bracelet strung with hematite and a single freshwater pearl. Perfect for the no-fuss jewelry wearers - just slide it on and go.

Hudson - Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Bracelet

A favorite with younger fans for its breezy simplicity, Hudson pairs a statement freshwater pearl with light-catching crystals in five color variations that love to be layered. Sized to fit almost any wrist with a secure claw clasp.

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(NEW) Dainty Freshwater Pearl Rings

This year we introduced rings in our store. While our ring collection grows please enjoy these new arrivals.

Lulu - Freshwater Pearl Stretch Ring

The Lulu ring makes a great addition to your ring collection.  Offered in 3 freshwater pearl colors: white, silver and natural.

Lola - Seed Bead and Freshwater Pearl Stretch Ring

The Lola ring makes a great addition to your ring collection. The colorful seed beads make for a fun and casual look. The real star of the show is the small single pearl. Pairs well with the Congo and Danube seed bead bracelets, and the Jenny necklace.

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